When what you do under the covers lands between them.

What would you do if your weekend tryst turned your encounter into a best-selling novel and movie?

Well, if you’re Trevor Dickson, son of legendary porn stars and a former child actor, you audition for it, of course.

Ryder—Trevor’s go-to alias—helped him maintain a no attachments lifestyle. Not to mention, escape his parents’ infamy . . . and his own. A lifestyle he’d always enjoyed until he spent one amazing weekend with a woman who he wanted to know him as Trevor.

What better research for an erotic romance novel is there than a weekend of passion using fake names and no phone numbers?

Tangela Webber wanted to be the biggest thing to hit the book world since e-readers.

Tangie got more than she bargained for. Fame came swiftly, and her debut novel was being made into a movie. She knew her anonymity wouldn’t last forever. She just never expected it to end when her real-life muse walked in to read for the leading role.

Who better to play that part than the original Ryder Hard?

TROPES/GENRES/THEMES/KEYWORDS: Former child actor, porn royalty, secret identity, fake names, one night stand/weekend tryst, book research, aspiring author, bestselling novel with a movie deal, crossed pasts,

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss: divorce, drugs, emotional abuse.

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