Reno, Nevada, may be the biggest little city in the world, but is it big enough for Joseph “Pound” Blackwell and two ghosts from his past?


The second the club secretary’s sister is taken, Pound makes an uncharacteristic knee-jerk decision and claims her. He thinks the biggest hurdle to overcome is her brother’s reaction… boy is he wrong.


The Phantoms expect a fight to bring Meri home. What they don’t expect is who they’re fighting and a disconcerting ally who can change the course of Pound’s future.  


By the time the dust settles, the Desert Phantoms’ vice president will either be hitched to the woman of his dreams, or he’ll be the most miserable SOB on two wheels.


Can three chickens, two ten-year-olds, and one Elvis be the key to his happily ever after?

TROPES/GENRES/THEMES/KEYWORDS: Ex military, off limits, Las Vegas, vegan hero.

POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss: abduction, blood, hostages, domestic abuse, kidnapping, murder, rape, sexual assault, torture, violence.


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