Available Verlene books. Pictured most recent (descending).

A list of works (alpha by title), currently and previously published, credited to Verlene Landon.

(Anthologies have a feature, part, or story credited to Verlene.)

  • A Very Naughty MC Christmas (preorder available)
  • Bad to the Bone anthology-contributed story (permanently unpublished)
  • Be Supportive, Escaping the Friend Zone (unpublished-rebranded)
  • Branches of Healing anthology-contributed story (permanently unpublished)
  • Brand Me, Imagine Ink 2 (permanetly unpublished)
  • Control Line, Everyday Heroes World (available)
  • Dangerous Curve Ahead, On the Road to Love 3 (available)
  • DIY Hearts, #Lovehack (available)
  • Exit the Friend Zone, On the Road to Love 1 (available)
  • Indelible You, Imagine Ink 1 (permanetly unpublished)
  • Inevitably Yours, Imagine Ink 4 (permanetly unpublished)
  • Irrevocably Mine, Imagine Ink 3 (permanetly unpublished)
  • Jordyn’s Army anthology-contributed story (permanently unpublished)
  • Line 39 starter story (currently an incentive)
  • Oscar Mike starter story (currently an incentive)
  • Room 15: The Last Resort Motel (permanently unpublished)
  • Ryder Hard (available)
  • Second Chance Detour, On the Road to Love 2 (available)
  • Sinful Secrets anthology-contributed story (permanently unpublished)
  • The Black Stetson, Bar Hop 1 & Desert Phantoms MC 0.5 (2 versions) (1 available)
  • Thunder, Desert Phantoms MC 1 (available)
  • Unexpected Hero (unpublished-rebranded)
  • Unmistakably Us, Imagine Ink 5 (permanetly unpublished)
  • Unveiled, The Salvation Society (available)
  • Vegas Strong anthology (available)