When the president of the Iron Travelers MC, Reno, sends me to Texas to help build a chapter, I swear it’s punishment for my last job. Never mind that some wannabe mobsters left me for dead. Failure is failure.

I never truly fit in there, or, well, anywhere really.
But when I meet a crystal-loving author at a heavy metal show, I start thinking the problem might be me. I am the common denominator, after all.


This weekend will be epic. I’m going to get sprayed in the pit by my favorite not-of-this-world band on Friday night, plus I’m a signing author at the ever-awesome MMM event on Saturday. The best part is I get to do all this with my book world BFF.

What could make this weekend even better?

Maybe throw in a smokin’ hot biker who’s a book boyfriend come to life. One who gets me in a way no one else does. Who’d not only die for me but kill for me if he had to. Ha ha, men like that only exist in my imagination and the pages of my books. That’s not possible in the real world…

Is it?

TROPES/GENRES/THEMES/KEYWORDS: MC, crystals, author, damaged hero/heroine, alternate spirituality, penis pearls, start up chapter.
POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss: gun violence, murder, violent sexual assault recounting, torture, violence.

What to read next? Kristine Dugger’s Restore Your Faith, is book 2 in the ITMC series.

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