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Signed paperbacks are available direct from me through the form below. Just click the button to open the form. I offer special shipping and multiple book discounts. After I receive your order, I’ll contact you with the price and shipping times. You choose what works best for you before you’re invoiced. Shipping & handling time varies depending on the time of year and stock on hand.


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E-books are available at most online book retailers and through some libraries. If you are being offered a FREE or PAID download of one of my books not from myself (through Bookfunnel) or a reputable book retailer, eg: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, it is a pirated copy and not authorized by myself or Rusty Halo Books. Please, contact me with the link, so measures can be taken to remove the unauthorized copy.

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A Very Naugthy MC Christmas, anthology (inc Trip, Desert Phantoms MC 2)
Control Line, Everyday Heroes World
Unveiled, The Salvation Society
The Black Stetson, Desert Phantoms MC 0.5
Thunder,Desert Phantoms MC 1
Exit the Friend Zone, On the Road to Love - FREE
Second Chance Detour, On the Road to Love
Dangerous Curve Ahead, On the Road to Love
Ryder Hard
DIY Hearts
Brand Me, Imagine Ink 2 
Irrevocably Mine, Imagine Ink 3 
Inevitably Yours, Imagine Ink 4
Unmistakably Us, Imagine Ink 5 
Vegas Strong