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This comes from my March 16th newsletter, Book Talk section, which I hope to make a regular feature and blog posting.

I hope to make book talk a regular in my newsletter, and interactive.

Let’s see how it goes.


As long as reading has been a thing, the topic of to warn or not to warn has been debated. Lately, it is being discussed with new vigor.

I will not give my personal opinion on if I think they should be mandatory or not. 

  • As a reader, I do not personally need them. It is not that I have not
    suffered great trauma, it’s just I am not triggered by books, (or
    thankfully have not been yet) like some readers are.
  • As an author, I do offer trigger warnings. While they are not in the text of the book itself nor listed on the retail sites, they do exist. 
    It may take some effort on the reader’s part to find them, but they are available. I chose to do it that way because retail sites can and do punish books with trigger warnings.

If you are someone who needs trigger warnings, or if you’d just like additional information about a book of mine, visit VERLENE’S BOOKS. Click on the book cover you wish to learn about and additional information is revealed, including possible trigger warnings. While I have by no means compiled a complete list of all possible triggers, I did my best to list those most likely to hurt a reader.

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Do alternate pen names matter to readers?

You can weigh in here.

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