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Book Talk 2

Last newsletter we discussed trigger warnings, remember, mine can be found here on site. Just click BOOKS on the menu and find the book you want more information about.

This time let’s talk about genre/trope-specific pen names.

As readers do you need authors to separate vastly different genres/tropes with pen names or does it matter? Would you read a sci-fi romance from your favorite contemporary romance author or would you rather her separate it from his/her contemporary stuff?

As an author, I am torn. Maintaining pen names is kind of hard. But on the flip side, people are shocked to find out that Verlene Landon wrote a clean romance. If I don’t tell them, they think it is the same they are used to from me. So I definitely see the advantage.

As a reader, I kind of expect it. I would totally not expect say a paranormal romance from my favorite historical writer.

I have written outside of my typical wheelhouse with a few books and looking back I see both sides of the debate.

Where do you stand and why?

I’d love to hear the thoughts of readers.

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