I like to hide little Easter eggs in my books. Some are easily found by the eagle-eyed reader, and some are not. And sadly, some are only Easter eggs to me. I also have things that aren’t relevant to the story and revealed until later books. While those aren’t true Easter eggs, per say, they are fun little facts to share. Either way, I’ll share some here.


I stole our wedding song for Rush & Tatum. However, I twisted the facts. It was actually my husband who picked our wedding song and I didn’t hear it until the reception.

Norman is based loosely on my Great Dane Hodor. He has a host of skin and digestive problems.


There is an Imagine Ink reference to the DP table and meeting Big Dax at a bike rally in Florida.
Personal Easter Egg – While NO character I write is based on my husband (that’s just private to me), I did borrow from his life as an A-10 pilot.
Cover Easter Egg – The motorcycle on the cover is named Lemmy, and he’s my personal bike.

The Black Stetson #1

Some astute readers picked up on a little Easter egg I honestly thought no one would spot. Dom is retelling how she went through Mrs. Byrd’s mail and spotted unpaid bills, and also some unopened letters from Florida. I was shocked at how many readers messaged me and ask who from the Imagine Ink series was writing to her. I feel like the answer is obvious based on her age, and Mrs. Reid’s personality. So, the answer is none other than Francis (not a typo) Reid.

The Black Stetson #2

This is one of those not Easter eggs, it is really only relevant to me or someone who knew me growing up. The car Brooks gets picked up from prison in, was my first car. In my mind, it was identical, down to the chipped paint, white faux leather interior, and unidentifiable smell.

1977 Datson B210 Hatchback