Monday, May 28, 2018
Author Verlene Landon

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Inevitably Yours

Gus & John’s story



Gus was having second thoughts as she paced her living room waiting for John to arrive. Guilt assaulted her about bringing him here under false pretenses, but she was tired of waiting. And horny as hell. Pregnancy was a bear on the emotions as well as the libido. Most days, she couldn’t decide if she’d rather scarf down a twelve-course meal, have sex, or bawl her eyes out.

Being pregnant was a unique experience, to say the least. Being pregnant with another couple’s baby, even more so. Pretty much being an oven for the most deserving couple of dads-to-be she knew? Well, unique didn’t began to cover it. Add to that, being hot to trot for a pretty traditional guy and trying to work that angle, well, heck, there wasn’t even a Facebook group she could find for that.

Why did I listen to Stacy? Having John’s sister stay with her for two weeks gave her more insight than she now thought was prudent. For someone who was reluctant to bond, Stacy sure hit it out of the park after her brush with death. Truth be told, it was probably just that which spurred Gus into action more so than Stacy’s advice about how to snag her brother. Gus couldn’t imagine what Stacy must have gone through at the hands of her psycho ex, and having to end his life. I will never be that strong. Case in point, she already had the phone in hand, ready to chicken out, as always.

“Why is this so dang hard? I care about him. I think he cares about me. We’re both adults and if we decided to do the dirty, what’s wrong with that, hmm?” It was a rhetorical question posed to a sleeping, purring Lynyrd on the back of the couch, as she passed him for the hundredth time.

She answered silently anyway.

Why? Because I’m pregnant and John has barely looked me in the eyes since Andy and Marco made the announcement. Because I didn’t tell him before anyone else found out. Because I called him over to move furniture that doesn’t need moving. Because traditional is an understatement where he is concerned. What kind of man in his right mind would even want to sleep with a pregnant woman, one that he didn’t make pregnant, anyway?

She was freaking out…again. She needed someone to pump her up and tell her she was doing the right thing. There was only one person for that job, the person who talked her into this crazy, get-him-over-here-and-get-him-naked, scheme. She punched the name on the screen and waited.

“What’s up, buttercup?”

“What’s up is that I am a moron who took bad advice from a friend and now I’m losing my mind.” When Stacy said nothing, Gus continued. “That friend is you, and the advice is seducing your brother. I…”

Stacy interrupted. “You’re doing that now, right now? That’s what this whole moving furniture thing is all about? Oh shit.” Stacy’s laughter rocketed through the phone’s speaker. When she finally slowed enough to speak, it wasn’t without comedic interruption. “Oh, my God, Pixie, I hope you’re not planning on answering the door in the buff or anything?” Laughter overtook her ex-BFF again, and Gus regretted ever advising her to live in the moment and all that, because Stacy had taken it to a whole new level.

“As a matter of fact, I am in my silky robe with the only lacy thing I have that still fits. And…what’s so funny, anyway?” There was no way Gus could talk over Stacy’s riotous laughter, so she stopped talking and starting thinking. Something about Stacy’s words was bouncing around in her brain, pinging off the comprehension center, until…

”STACY!” She shouted to garner her attention. “How do you know about moving furniture?”

“Now, Pixie, when has John ever done anything average, especially where you’re concerned? Over the top is his standard. So, if his Gussy Girl needs furniture moved, she’s getting it moved…by everyone. He showed up here not two minutes ago in Francis and Frank’s van with the whole testosterone gang packed inside, to add Dax to his moving crew. I’m watching them back out of the drive now.”

Gus was mortified. At least Stacy’s laughter had died down enough for her to recognize other sounds. The jingle of keys, the closing of a door, the sound of a car door and an engine roaring to life. Thank god, my no-longer-ex BFF is on her way to help me.

“Word of advice, Pixie, I’d waddle to the bedroom and change, unless you want Walker, Michael, and Dax to see your goodies, because it won’t take them but ten minutes max to get there. I’m right behind ‘em, because I have got to see this.” Laughter reigned again.

“This is all your fault, I should’ve never listened to you.”

“Oh, boohoo, I told you to seduce him, not lie to him. The course of action you took was not under my direct advice. You can stay on the phone and launch your false accusations, or you can use your, oh, eight minutes, to change and decide how you want your house rearranged. Before everyone shows up and you’re busted. Smooches, Pixie, I’ll see you in a bit.”

Arghhh, Gus fumed.

“Stacy not only pulled out her lawyer card going all,” Gus adopted a non-flattering voice change, “I didn’t advise this, and course of action that.”

Then, she remembered. “That hooker hung up on me,” Gus complained to Lynyrd, who really didn’t give a shit. He had other concerns on his mind, like coughing up a fur ball… “Not on the carpet!”

When it rains, it pours. She was down to under five minutes now. She could clean the mess her cat made or try to fix hers. But if she chose hers, the cat puke would stain. Dang it, she had to clean it first. By the time she finished, she could hear car doors in the drive. Gus slid into her bedroom at breakneck speed—breakneck for her anyway—and grabbed a pair of roomy sweats and a hoodie. Oh no, no one will think anything strange of you in sweats during the dog days of summer. She was still pulling them on over her robe while making her way back to the living room when Stacy, the hussy, let the whole gang in with her flowerpot key.

“Well, hello, Pixie Sue, what’s shakin’? I hope I didn’t interrupt anything, but I figured since you called the guys over to help you move, you wouldn’t mind if I let them in.”

Gus was not a violent person by nature, but she was willing to give it a shot right about now. I want to wipe that smug, amused look off my definitely-ex-BFF’s face.

March 16, 2016